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Dogs Without Borders Inc.
Yarker, ON

(613) 378-2088


Hours of Operation:

7:00 am to 6:00 pm

By appointment only

Who can board?

Dogs Without Borders is a low-stress, cage free, home boarding environment. Days are filled with fun, energy burning activities, while evenings are spent star gazing or cuddling on the couch by the fire. Given this environment, we have high expectations for the behaviour of our guests.

The safety or your pet and our other guests is our utmost concern and therefore we must meet you and your dog at our home prior to boardingWhen boarding for the first time, if your dog is staying more than 3 nights a trial night is required.  The trial night is complimentary.

Your dog must be:

• Between the approximate weights of 20-70 lbs (9-32 kg). This ensures a safe playing environment for everyone as we do not have space or staff to accommodate separate play areas.

• Extremely well socialized and absolutely non aggressive towards dogs or humans. Guarding of toys, food, or anything else is not tolerated.

• Trained and obedient. Nuisance barking, excessive mounting, chewing, house accidents/marking, and poor recall (especially important while outside) are also not tolerated.

• Spayed or neutered (over the age of 9 months).

• Puppies must be at least 3 months old and completed their second series of vaccinations.

Dogs must be healthy:

• Rabies and DHPP (distemper, hepatitis, parvovirus, and para influenza) are required. Either proof of vaccination or recent titre test is accepted.

• Bordatella is recommended. If you choose to administer Bordatella, you MUST administer it more than 10 days before boarding.

• Dogs must be on active flea, tick, and heartworm prevention between May and November.

• Dogs recently ill (30 days) with contagious diseases are not allowed to board without a health certificate from your vet certifying the dog is now healthy.

What to bring?

Please bring only enough food for your dog’s stay with us. We do not have the space to store everyone’s 50kg bag of food!

Medications must be clearly labelled with your dog’s name and instructions. Please do not mix medications with food ahead of time.

Don’t worry about sending your dog with its favourite toy - we have lots! You are however, welcome to send your pet with a blanket from home.
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