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Dogs Without Borders Inc.
Yarker, ON

(613) 378-2088


Hours of Operation:

7:00 am to 6:00 pm

By appointment only

Dogs Without Borders is committed to the health and safety of ourselves, our pets and the protection of our environment. We are constantly trying to improve how "Green" we are as a family, and as a business. Here is our list of changes we've made so far to the way we go about living. Stay tuned for further updates!

Especially for your pet

Cleaning agents and laundry detergent are non-toxic and eco-friendly

Dog toys, crates, and bowls are disinfected regularly with a non-toxic cleaner

Dog waste bags are bio-degradable and compostable

Pet shampoo is all natural

We use only non-toxic and pet-friendly lawn and garden products

We use only non-toxic and pet-friendly pest control

We paint with VOC-free paint

In our household

We compost our kitchen, garden, and yard waste

We recycle our plastics, paper, glass, and metal

All of our eggs are free-run and our meat is local and naturally raised

We purchase local fruits and vegetables

We choose organic foods whenever possible

We drink fair trade and organic coffee

Our own dog eats grain-free, no hormone or antibiotic added raw food

Most of our lights are CFL

We fuel our woodstove with environmentally friendly ecologs

We plant trees on our property to reduce our carbon footprint

We support local businesses as much as possible

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