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Dogs Without Borders Inc.
Yarker, ON

(613) 378-2088


Hours of Operation:

7:00 am to 6:00 pm

By appointment only

Dog Boarding
It's difficult for your pet when you need to be away, whether it's for two weeks or even just one night. Allowing them to stay in an environment similar to their own home with a human companion is the best way to keep their level of stress down while you are away. At Dogs Without Borders, your pet will always be welcomed with open arms into our family and you will be able to leave them knowing they are in the most capable hands.

We are excited to offer a new level of service at our facility. In the past we have offered both in crate and out of crate options for our guests. This does not always work for dogs who are used to sleeping in their owner's beds and they can suffer anxiety being left alone at night. Now you don't have to worry! We now offer *Luxury Boarding* for pets who need a little extra attention at night. Your dog will be able to sleep on the bed or in the bedroom with one of us and will get all of the cuddles they need!

Administration of certain medications and emergency transport to your veterinarian if needed are included, should the need arise. After-hours veterinary care is available.

Available every day of the week! Why leave your dog alone while you work?! Let them come and have a great time with us during the day where they can play and get all the attention they deserve.

Daycare guests can take advantage of all the services our overnight guests have and we guarantee you'll have a tired pup when you pick them up!

*Please note that shuttle service is reserved for overnight guests only.

Shuttle Service
Our flexible and affordable shuttle schedule has become a valuable service to our clients who board their pets. We will provide door-to-door service for your pet, from your home to ours and back again. Our shuttle has rear heating and air conditioning, and is fitted with tinted windows for your pet's comfort. They are crated for their safety (and ours!).

Adventure Hikes
Treat your dog to long, invigorating, country rambles on various parts of the Cataraqui trail system! Adventure hikes last for 1 hour - excluding travel time and water and treat breaks.

Walking is more than fresh air and exercise. Walking, or in dog terms “migration”, is an ancient ritual where the pack moves together as a group exploring territory and finding food. Migrating is mental stimulation for your dog where they uncover new sights and smells. We travel to a different area every day of the week for lots of variety! We won’t be hunting rabbits, but a treat just might be found back at the van!

Our Adventure hikes are great for all active dogs (over 8 months) that are used to walking at least one hour twice a week.

• A change of scenery and additional exercise is great for dogs that are used to a lot of exercise or are staying with us for an extended period.

• As we hike in small groups and don't walk them off leash, you don't have to worry about crowding in a vehicle, or the possibility of them wandering off in unknown territory.

• Water loving dogs will certainly enjoy our trips to local lakes for a refreshing swim to cool off from the summer heat!

• Snow doesn’t stop the fun! Hikes are all-season. We may walk, or we might snowshoe – and believe us, breaking trail in fresh snow will tire out even the most amazingly energized dog! (Weather appropriate attire is required for dogs that are sensitive to snow and cold).

We are not groomers (YET!), but we do offer a bath and brush for our guests. Please see our rates page for pricing.

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